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It takes a special type of person to be an entrepreneur.

If you've followed your dreams and started your own business, you know exactly what we mean. Running a small to medium size business (SMB) has always been a labour of love. Hard work is what you've come to expect, but with COVID-19 and the ensuing pandemic, public health concerns and shutdowns, it's been harder than ever before!

Every day, SMBs are faced with tough decisions about allocating their most important assets; time and money. There's a lot at play (staffing, finances, marketing, production, etc.) and you're doing whatever you can to ensure that your customers are satisfied, but nothing happens if you mismanage those 2 primary resources. If you're in charge of operations, you know better than anybody else, there's never any shortage of work to do on a daily basis. When something new pops up, your job description just got expanded, and when work starts piling up, hard choices need to be made on where you should put your focus. By process of elimination, many times marketing activities are set aside because they're seen as longer term problems and in many cases more complicated resolve. And nothing says complicated like 17 different online platforms to help you achieve the success you need.

That's where Blooomtools comes in...a single log-in can access so much!

  • Frustrated with having to do seemingly the same thing, more than once?
  • How many platforms are you using with different logins and passwords?
  • Wouldn't it be easier with a single point to access it all?

The Bloomtools Toolbox delivers access to your complete website solution from a single log-in. You can leverage this technology and other tools to update simultaneously across multiple platforms.

The image of the Bloomtools Toolbox shows how 1 login will provide you access to the full features of this powerful online solution

Unlock the power of a Bloomtools Toolbox:

Looking for a simpler solution to easily manage your online activities? Bloomtools has created a virtual Toolbox to help you unlock your success!

  • Access to your website - quickly and easily update content to reflect your brand's current messaging - launch new marketing campaigns, delete expiring promotions, update pics in your Photo Gallery showing your latest work, etc.;
  • Access to your database marketing tool - check to see open rates on recent email campaigns, notify your best customers about an exclusive offer, or even create a survey;
  • Access to your CRM - Client Relationship Management drives your future success - update contact details, assign leads even send off an updated quote;
  • Access it all online - One Login - Online any time, anywhere - access your Bloomtools toolbox through the website from your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smart Phone

Look inside the toolbox for a quick video which does a great job of explaining our solution for you:

An simple (to use) solution doesn't mean that you're sacrificing anything...

A Bloomtools Windsor website is a fully featured, online presence solution. Looking to capture website visitors as soon as they land on your home page? An Animated Header empowers you to feature specific messaging through a dynamic header sharing images and messages of new updates, unique offerings and directing traffic to specific pages that drive the activity that you want. Did you want to showcase your work, before-after pics or highlights from previous events? A Bloomtools Windsor Photo Gallery provides a number of unique layouts to guide a new or future customer through everything that you offer. Featuring testimonials through the Testimonial Manager lets you share client feedback and the Blog Manager helps you keep content on the website fresh and engaging and allows you to share your expertise in your field of excellence. Looking for something special? Our platform can be customized to specifically meet your needs!

Don't worry...you're not alone!

That's one of the best parts about a Bloomtools solution - lots of support!

It starts with an easy online solution - access it anywhere, on any web enabled device; PC, laptop, tablet or even smartphone. It's an intuitive interface that provides you with all of the tools to ensure that your website's up to date, that the new messaging that you wanted to promote comes out on time and manage contacts and email marketing campaigns has never been easier. You'll receive complete, personalized training to get you on the right path.

Got a question? Within the web console there's a handy help tool with easy to follow instructions. There's also training videos for more of a visual reference to help answer those questions. But that's what you'd expect - we go further!

Bloomtools Windsor is your local resource for any questions, ideas or just to check in. We're not done once the new website is completed and up and running. We'll keep in touch...and most importantly, we're here to help. Looking for new ideas, or ways to promote your business? How's your Social Media presence? Are you looking to promote your business with updated content? Google Ads? Social Media Marketing? etc.

And finally, maybe you have your Bloomtools Windsor website working beautifully...it's getting noticed and your customers are coming back for more and raving about what you do...but now, you're so busy (which is awesome!) that you're having trouble trying to keep things up to date with your website, CRM follow ups or even email marketing campaigns, we can help there too! While a Bloomtools website would be easy for you to manage and maintain, sometimes you don't have the time. Bloomtools Windsor can put a plan together to ensure that your online presence doesn't suffer, while your attention is focused on continually growing your organization and reaching for the next level goal!Wondering how you stack up against the competition?

Is being online important?

...YES!...more than ever before! With "Stay at Home" orders in place, and even without, you still need to socially distance to keep safe, more and more people have moved online as a means of ensuring some form of personal contact. Think about how much more time people have spent on the web, video chat, online learning and passing the time on social media platforms.

Have you had time to focus on your online presence? Are you featuring highlights and engaging with your clients and fans on social media? Is your website optimized to perform at its best?

Doing any of those poorly can have a devastating impact on the future success of your organization.




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