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Bloomtools Windsor Animated Headers/Hero Banners

Grab their attention the moment they see your website

Animated Headers give you the ability to share what's most important to your customers and you, using eye-catching images and powerful marketing messages to engage your customers . It provides a simple way to clearly state how you stand apart from your competitors and letting them know right away what you do and how you can help them . It starts with a set of up to five images, transitioning at the top of your home page, and can be changed as your needs change.

What Are The Benefits of an Animated Header?

1. Immediate Enhancement

Make your website pop!

Our website designers create customized animated headers that include images that grab people's attention and calls to action enticing visitors to take the next steps on your website. A variety of transitions will provide you with the opportunity to further enhance your image immediately. Images can fade in, slice up, or down, and many other options.

2. Drive Traffic to Relevant Pages

"I like what I see - tell me more!"

Add links to the animated header images and take your visitors to where they want to go - instantly. No need to navigate a menu, or search around the website; provide a better web experience for your customers and help them get the information they want quickly and easily. Whether it's a specific product, service or your contact page, use your animated header to direct traffic to high priority pages.

3. Easily Add and Update Animated Header Images

Keep the content fresh!

Log into your Bloomtools Windsor website account from any web enabled device so that you can add or delete images, change the order, or try a new animation style - the interface is simple to use, so you can make these changes quickly and easily. Not only does this ensure that your website is offering new content, but it gives you the opportunity to engage with your customers about current trends or promotions.


If you're looking to capture people's attention and you believe an animated header can take your website design to the next level,
contact Bloomtools Windsor today! All our custom designed websites have the ability to integrate with our Animated Header Tool.
So whether you are a current Bloomtools client, or you're looking for a new custom website design, you can captivate your website visitors with one of our Animated Headers.

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