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Increase Your Revenue with Bloomtools Windsor's CRM

As a business owner, there's no shortage of things to do and sometimes you feel like it's all spinning out of control. This leads to missed opportunities for you to grow your business and frustration for both you and your customers. What if there was an all in one solution that allowed you to capture contact details from website visitors, add your notes or even new contacts and keep it all organized by tracking and planning your activity around each customer.

Now, small to medium size business owners can achieve success and grow their revenue with the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool from Bloomtools Windsor. Our tool allows your to easily manage your leads and sales better, streamlining every step of your sales process. It's simple to use and inexpensive; perfect for small and medium size business owners to leverage to improve their sales process. Your business will be more organized, and your can provide your clients with better service with the CRM solution from Bloomtools Windsor. Our CRM seamlessly integrated with the other website tools we provide, ensuring every aspect of your business - sales, marketing and your website - can be managed with our one simple login

Manage Your Leads and Clients

With the Bloomtools Windsor's CRM, you can create a database of your leads as they come into your business. Our system allows your to prioritize your contacts, so you are always aware of when and who you need to contact. Our CRM has a rating scale, so your team is aware of which leads are cold or hot, and you can track what stage of the sales process each lead is at, so you're always prepared for what is next. Improve your efficiency and accuracy by sharing documents like quotes and invoices under each lead, and scheduling phone calls, meeting reminders and even auto-responder emails.

Detailed CRM Reporting

How are you tracking you or your team's performance? With the Bloomtools Windsor CRM solution, you can generate detailed reports on leads, sales and your sales team, so you can track individuals' performance, and provide feedback on where they can improve. With this data, your business can improve your sales process and boost your revenue. 

Seamless Integration

Bloomtools Windsor's CRM seamlessly integrates with your Bloomtools website, and uses the same contact database as the Database Marketing Tool and the Third Generation Website. This provides additional functionality like integration with the Shopping Cart, Events Manager, File Manager and many other tools all in the one location.

Are you ready to increase your revenue and streamline your sales process? Contact Bloomtools Windsor today to learn more about our customer relationship management (CRM) tool. 

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