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Custom Form Builder

Your website is built to better serve your clients regardless of time of day, or day of the week, it's online and available any time. Generally, most of what's on your website is information that you'd like to share with visitors, but what if they want to share information with you? This is where the power of a form comes in. It's a great tool to gather all of the necessary details that needed to better serve your clientele.  

The Bloomtools Windsor Custom Form Builder allows you to quickly and easily build, launch and manage as many forms as you need to better serve your clients. Here are some examples of specific applications that our clients have used:

  • Request for Support - when you need service, populating items like contact name, reference or serial number and detailed description of the problem really speeds up the process
  • School Registration - gathering the key details of the student, family and health concerns puts everybody on the same page to ensure the best educational experience and safety of the child
  • Qualify and Assist Sales Leads - you can quickly convert a website visitor into a qualified prospect by prompting them for the details needed so you can help them out

How would a form help your business: Would you use it for table or party reservations? Would you gather critical information to provide an accurate quote? Or are you just looking to build out a customer profile?

With a Bloomtools Windsor Website, the Custom Form Builder is just one of many tools that you can add to your Bloomtools Windsor Website and is accessed through a that your very own single point log-in where you can completely manage your website. 


Our clients loves these powerful features:

  • simple drag and drop design with unique field options to ensure that the answers match the format required
  • guide your customers through the process by providing checkbox, radio buttons or drop down menu options
  • you can quickly build and test as many forms as you need
  • sophisticated routing options help get the message where it needs to go while also updating your marketing contacts list for future email campaigns
  • conditional logic can be used to ask follow up questions, where needed
  • the ability to have forms full customized, if needed, to match your specific needs or branding requirements


We've created a form specifically to show you how this can work. It took just a couple of minutes, but it's a great opportunity to showcase the power of this tool and how easy it is to use.

To learn more about how this tool works, or any of our powerful options for a Bloomtools Windsor Website, please get in touch with us today.


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