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CLIENT: Danbury Property Management

Danbury is a property management company supporting a variety of housing solutions. Servicing both commercial and residential markets and working with high and low rise apartment buildings, townhouses and condominiums just to name a few.






  • No Website
  • Considered building an online presence but needed the right marketing partner.
  • Many questions asked by clients were simple and repetitive, and required a lot of time from staff to answer.
  • Many requests from owners and residents were for commonly used forms.
  • No centralized resource to provide news to tenants about upcoming maintenance. or temporary closures.
  • Customized web design met their needs and budget.
  • Clean and simple design clearly communicates key information such as office hours and contact number.
  • Website layout provides visitors with a positive experience and the ability to quickly find the information they need.
  • Forms page provides a repository of commonly referenced documents and can be added/deleted as needed.
  • News & Events page updates tenants on key events.



  • Website design projects the professionalism of Danbury Property Management.
  • Positive feedback from clients about the website - more value to come as more and more people begin to use it.
  • Website provides answers to simple client questions, which frees up staff's time to focus on operations of business.
  • Simple to use web console interface makes updates to the website an easy task; to add new forms, news and events.
  • Once referenced, form page becomes an invaluable resource for repeated users, such as lawyers.

The business model for Danbury is to assist/manage properties and communicate with tenants and other interested parties has been streamlined. Danbury's goal for the website was to provide information, which it has achieved. Business development follows another process, so the website, at this point, is achieving the expectations. In the future, we can expand the tools on and off the website to help drive more business.

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