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Promote Your Top Products and Services on Your Website with Promo Spots from Bloomtools Windsor

An ingenious solution to help you customers easily find what they're looking for and help them take action from anywhere on your Bloomtools Windsor site. Marketing campaigns can be as simple as an online promotion on your home page to featuring multiple marketing messages, unique to each page, even down to a scheduled start and end date, by message, page, or spot.

Key Features:

  • Design Options: Promo boxes on your Bloomtools Windsor website can include either content or images. Image based boxes are professionally designed to grab a customer's attention and help them take the next step. Content Boxes are easily edited to reflect changes, without having to wait for designers or developers.
  • Scheduling and Placement: Within the design of your Bloomtools Windsor website, you'll have a number of options on where to place your promotions. Each can appear in different areas within your site to have the maximum impact. Having multiple promotions to the same promo area will have the effect of rotating between them. This is powerful when you are scheduling future promotions and setting up start and stop dates to specific promotions - it ensure that content will always be there and you'll never lose out an opportunity to have an impact.
  • Compliment Offline Marketing Efforts: Using the same branding across all marketing activities creates a level of familiarity for consumers. The same message simplifies the process of directing a customer's actions and generates a higher level of success. They'll know exactly where to go and what do once they arrive on your website.

Promo-boxes on your Bloomtools Windsor website can help you engage your customers by bringing attention to best selling products or sales you have on your services. Contact a web consultant at Bloomtools Windsor to learn more!

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